The underneath unabridged audiobook

The Underneath

Written By Kathi Appelt
Read By Gabra Zackman
Length: 6 hours and 23 minutes
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There is nothing lonelier than a cat who has been loved, at least for a while, and then abandoned on the side of the road. An abandoned calico cat, about to have kittens, hears the achingly lonely howl of a chained up, abused hound dog deep in the bayou. She dares to find him in the forest and the hound dares to befriend this cat, this feline, this creature he is supposed to hate. They are an unlikely pair, about to become an unlikely family. Ranger urges the cat to hide underneath the porch, to raise Sabine and Puck there because Gar-Face, the man living inside the house, will surely use her or her kittens as alligator bait should he find them. But, they are safe in the long as they stay in the underneath. Kittens, however, are notoriously curious creatures. And one kitten's one moment of curiosity sets off a chain of events that is astonishing, remarkable, and enormous in its meaning. In the tradition of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Flannery O'Connor, and Carson McCullers, Kathi Appelt spins a harrowing yet keenly sweet tale about the power of love (and its opposite), the fragility of happiness - and the importance of making good on your promises.

Simon & Schuster Audio presents The Underneath written by Kathi Appelt and read by Gabra Zackman .

The Underneath is available in a downloadable version that can be played on iPods, iPhones, iPads, Droid phones, Blackberry's and numerous other types of devices. The Underneath is available in an Audio CD version that can be played on a CD player.

This performance of The Underneath is longer than average at 383 minutes long.

The Underneath costs more than the average. This version costs $23.93 and that is 33% more than average.

Gabra Zackman's performance of The Underneath has achieved a customer rating score of 75 out of a possible 100 points. That's a high score and is about 1% better than the average customer rating.

Kathi Appelt has published 4 audiobooks, including The Underneath (Unabridged).

Kathi Appelt's audiobooks are rated by listeners at 57 out of a possible 100 points and that about 23% worse than the average rating.

The average audio book written by Kathi Appelt is 371 minutes long. That makes this author's books about 4% longer than the average length.

Kathi Appelt's audio books are priced at an average of $24.05. That makes them about 34% more expensive than the average price.

Simon & Schuster Audio has published 2822 audio CD books, including The Underneath (Unabridged).

Simon & Schuster Audio's books are rated by listeners at 58 out of a possible 100 points this means that the publisher's books are rated about 22% worse than the average rating.

The average audio version of a book published by Simon & Schuster Audio is 431 minutes long. The longer than average performances produced by Simon & Schuster Audio are about 21% longer than the average.

Simon & Schuster Audio prices their narrated books at a premium. Their books are priced 16% higher than the average price.

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