The stand unabridged audiobook

The Stand

Written By Stephen King
Read By Grover Gardner
Length: 47 hours and 56 minutes
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Some top-secret projects should never have been created; the highly classified development of a human-engineered super flu by the Department of Defense was such an error. After a miniscule mistake leads to the escape of a frightened and infected guard from the facility, the virus spreads mercilessly with vicious speed to millions of people in a matter of days. With no cure, 99% of the world's entire population is wiped out from the disease or commits suicide to escape the terrifying consequences of the mass destruction.

In the wake of this catastrophic epidemic, the few survivors who remain in what is left of America begin to slowly regroup and learn how to start over. Every community needs leaders, and two powerful characters emerge to fill the role: one is a mystically benevolent black lady named Abigail, who is 108 years old; the other is a darkly cunning man named Randall Flag with devilish intentions. Everyone finds themselves compelled to choose a side as the new factions gain strength; however, Randall Flag threatens to destroy everyone. As his power grows to frightening proportions, the survivors realize there is no other way to continue living without either eliminating Randall... or being eliminated by him.

This new, unabridged version of Stephen King's timeless classic has a new beginning, ending, and additional scenes to complete this apocalyptic epic.

Random House Audio presents The Stand written by Stephen King and read by Grover Gardner .

The Stand is available in a downloadable version that can be played on iPods, iPhones, iPads, Droid phones, Blackberry's and numerous other types of devices.

This performance of The Stand is longer than average at 2876 minutes long.

The Stand costs more than the average. This version costs $33.60 and that is 87% more than average.

Grover Gardner's performance of The Stand has achieved a customer rating score of 75 out of a possible 100 points. That's a high score and is about 2% better than the average customer rating.

Stephen King has published 177 audiobooks, including The Stand (Unabridged).

Stephen King's audiobooks are rated by listeners at 70 out of a possible 100 points and that about 5% worse than the average rating.

The average audio book written by Stephen King is 695 minutes long. That makes this author's books about 96% longer than the average length.

Stephen King's audio books are priced at an average of $29.07. That makes them about 62% more expensive than the average price.

Random House Audio has published 4002 audio CD books, including The Stand (Unabridged).

Random House Audio's books are rated by listeners at 61 out of a possible 100 points this means that the publisher's books are rated about 17% worse than the average rating.

The average audio version of a book published by Random House Audio is 530 minutes long. The longer than average performances produced by Random House Audio are about 49% longer than the average.

Random House Audio prices their narrated books at a premium. Their books are priced 41% higher than the average price.

Alan says:
This book is awesome. It starts pretty fast then spends a lot of time on character development. I'm on the 5th segment of the audiobook now and it's getting really good. FYI - be prepared to devote a lot of time to this one.
Sabine says:
I too am a big magazine afniaodo for the car so much so that my husband periodically threatens to leave me if he finds one more New Yorker folded up between the console and the passenger's seat. But I can't give up my habit no matter how the sight of wrinkled, weeks-old magazines bothers him. Even just 5 minutes spent reading a book review or part of an article can mean the difference between zen mom and stressed-out-because-she's-last-in-the-carpool-lane mom. Love the audio book idea too. My husband would sure love it if the replaced my mags!!

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Genres: Science Fiction Fantasy Sci-Fi_ Contemporary Fiction Horror

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