Love in the time of global warming unabridged audiobook

Love in the Time of Global Warming

Written By Francesca Lia Block
Read By Julia Whelan
Length: 5 hour 25 minutes
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A stunning reimagining of Homer¿s Odyssey set in post-Apocalyptic Los Angeles, written by a master storyteller. Her life by the sea in ruins, Pen has lost everything in the Earth Shaker that all but destroyed the city of Los Angeles. She sets out into the wasteland to search for her family, her journey guided by a tattered copy of Homer¿s Odyssey. Soon she begins to realize her own abilities and strength as she faces false promises of safety, the cloned giants who feast on humans, and a madman who wishes her dead. On her voyage, Pen learns to tell stories that reflect her strange visions, while she and her fellow survivors navigate the dangers that lie in wait. In her signature style, Francesca Lia Block has created a world that is beautiful in its destruction and as frightening as it is lovely. At the helm is Pen, a strong heroine who holds hope and love in her hands and refuses to be defeated.

Brilliance Audio presents Love in the Time of Global Warming written by Francesca Lia Block and read by Julia Whelan .

Love in the Time of Global Warming is available in a downloadable version that can be played on iPods, iPhones, iPads, Droid phones, Blackberry's and numerous other types of devices.

This reading of Love in the Time of Global Warming is shorter than average. It is 325 minutes long. This makes the listening experience about 100% shorter than normal.

This version of Love in the Time of Global Warming costs less than average. The price is $17.49 and that is 3% less than the average.

Francesca Lia Block has published 5 audiobooks, including Love in the Time of Global Warming (Unabridged).

Francesca Lia Block's audiobooks are rated by listeners at 0 out of a possible 100 points and that about 100% worse than the average rating.

Francesca Lia Block's average book is 304 minutes long and that makes this author's books about 14% shorter than the average length.

Francesca Lia Block's audio books are priced at an average of $19.80. That makes them about 10% more expensive than the average price.

Brilliance Audio has published 8036 audio CD books, including Love in the Time of Global Warming (Unabridged).

Brilliance Audio's books are rated by listeners at 54 out of a possible 100 points this means that the publisher's books are rated about 27% worse than the average rating.

The average audio version of a book published by Brilliance Audio is 563 minutes long. The longer than average performances produced by Brilliance Audio are about 59% longer than the average.

Brilliance Audio prices their narrated books at a premium. Their books are priced 8% higher than the average price.

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